Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family game night to foster healthy and harmonious family

When did you as a father and mother never think how many hours you actually set aside time for family, children, wife and your husband? last time you took the time to be with family? these questions may be currently difficult in charge because you are all busy.

In the morning you've got to go to the office, your wife is also getting ready to work, your kids busy with school so rarely seen even just for the exchange of greetings. This situation is certainly not healthy, therefore it is currently the trend term family game night or dinner with the family by doing the game.

Spend time with the family game night is one solution for your family to do activities with your family.

By doing family game night, you can re-start the atmosphere is less rigid and harmony between the families because of lack of communication during this.

To the family doing night game with your family by doing some activities that are useful and fun, like playing guess the picture, monopoly, cards and even you can do by going out together to the game or to the food area.

Condition is that all family members should spend a special time for family game night and forget all the daily activities and your activities, if necessary, turn off your mobile phone so that no interference.

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