Saturday, December 6, 2008

Trojan Bag 1

Trojan 1Trojan Bag is a result of the evolution of a troy or the Trojan said that a nation legends about the delivery troy horse as an offering of friendship to the nation troy. For more details, please watch the movie Troy.

The essence of the legend that is, a statue of a horse which is used as a gift is actually a powerful weapon to stifle troy kingdom. On the statue there is a bunch of soldiers who were waiting for the right time to attack the kingdom of troy. And when the night comes, when people were already asleep, penyeranganpun happen very powerful and destroyed the kingdom leburkan troy.

Well, the core concept Trojan something like that. You will pretend to send a file to the victim by giving attractive names, such as inul_bugil or krisdayanti_bugil or kucing_bugil or anything that actually is a fake file. Certainly the potential victims (as happened to the guy gatel) will be motivated to get clicking. And when the file is clicked, then you (the sender) are eligible for the gift as a devil haunts. Because when you also have 100% control of a victim computer with no censorship at all. You can remove the CDROM it from a distance, can also peek favorite videos ever seen the victim or you can record everything typed by him. Interesting is not it?

To be able to use a Trojan, you do not need to be a programmer. You simply use aplikas-applications that are intentionally designed for such activities can be found on the internet a lot. Some of them are as follows:

1. Optix Pro
2. SubSeven
3. Commander
4. Assassin
5. Etc. will be discussed in detail on the connection of this title.

All you need to understand as the basic ingredient is the following chart:

Trojan Bag 1

From the chart, hackers plays as a client and the victim as a server. Why is that? because in this case the hacker planted a file (called the file server) on the victim's computer to then be used as a remote material.

In the local network, anonymous is not so necessary, though actually quite important, too. Anonymous Proxy is also proper to use as a fort to disguise the identity.

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