Saturday, December 6, 2008

POM RI Laboratory launched to Nowhere

As a body the duty to protect the public from drugs and food products at risk to health, POM supervise medicinal products, traditional medicines, cosmetics, food and food supplements. To improve surveillance coverage, RI POM develop Kelilin g. Laboratory Program

Circuit Laboratory launched by BPOM labolatorium RI is a multifunctional testing laboratory equipped with counterfeit drugs faster, faster testing laboratories Hazardous Materials contamination in food and public information materials in the form of books, leaflets, brochures, comic books and multimedia materials.

Circuit Laboratory is working to:

* Supervision of food containing hazardous materials.
* Supervision of cosmetics containing hazardous materials.
* Supervision counterfeit drugs.
* Supervision TIE products (Without distribution license)
* Monitoring product daluarsa
* The information for the community.

For now launched mobile lab now consists of 8 units, 7 units will be operational in 5 areas of DKI Jakarta and 1 unit will be operational in the area of Serang, Circuit Laboratory is expected to be realized also in Indonesia.

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