Saturday, December 6, 2008

Windows XP Can not Connect Wireless"

Windows XP can not connect my WirelessTeman insisted (until almost spurted uratnya) says that the wireless device on the laptop no problem. Itchy butt, gemes, still glaring at her friend who had a verdict if wirelessnya hardware error.

But anyway, that's not what we will discuss. This time, we will discuss about Windows XP that can not connect to wireless. In fact, you are sure that there is no problem at all with the hardware. And the driver was already installed properly. However, when clicking the Connect button on the wireless network one captured, which appears precisely is the message as follows:

"Windows is Unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range. Please refresh the list of available networks and try to connect again."

Free translation roughly like this: "The fact that windows can not connect to the network due to (probably) no longer be in range. Please refresh and try connecting again. "

The message still appears every time you click the Connect button, when the signal obtained in the status of Strength (full).

This problem often occurs by the unavailability of security features in accordance with the provisions of the Wireless Router. Windows XP, by default only provide two types of wireless security type, the WPA and WPA-PSK.
Thus, if you specify security at the router is WPA2, then of course windows xp considered not reach the network (although the full visible signal) or the language of windows usually say "may no longer be in range".

So, whether you are wrong windows xp?, Whether your windows bad? .. instead, it would be stupid if you think so.

You should know that WPA2 was created after Windows XP in circulation. Hence, it is normal that Windows XP has not included it on the wireless feature is available. The solution, you should download the update files directly from its official website. To speed up the search, should go to google and type in "WPA2 update site:". The file you should download the KB893357.exe.
After that, you live install and restart the computer.

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